About our Project

The 10/40 window

The 10/40 window is an area of the world with great poverty and low quality of life, combined with lack of access to Christian resources. The Window forms a band encompassing Saharan and Northern Africa, as well as almost all of Asia (West Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia and much of Southeast Asia). Roughly two-thirds of the world population lived in the 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window is populated by people who are predominantly Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, animist, Jewish or atheist. Many governments in the 10/40 Window are formally or informally opposed to Christian work of any kind within their borders.

Our Project

The 10/40 Project is focused on using teams to bring the Gospel to this part of the world, specifically Burkina Faso. Our teams are involved in various projects that include:

•VBS Outreach

•Media Outreach

•Medical Clinics

•Water Wells

•Bible Inistitute

•Missionary Support

•Feeding Center

•Church Planting